Premium Processing Allows Postdoctoral Research Associate from China in the Field of Plant Biology to Receive EB-1A Approval in 5 Days


Client’s Testimonial:

“Thank you for your effort. Thanks so much!!!! […] I’m very satisfied with all the service[s] your firm provided. And please help me thank my handling attorney, and thank all the staff in your firm who helped to process my case.”

On March 21st, 2016, we received another EB-1A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability) approval for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Field of Plant Biology (Approval Notice).


General Field: Plant Biology

Position at the Time of Case Filing: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Country of Origin: China

Service Center: Nebraska Service Center (NSC)

State of Residence at the Time of Filing: Indiana

Approval Notice Date: March 21st, 2016

Processing Time: 5 Days (Premium Processing Requested)


Case Summary:

Largely due to Premium Processing, Nebraska Service Center only spent five days reviewing our client’s EB-1A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability) petition. By paying the USCIS an additional $1,225, our client enjoyed rapid adjudication (within 15 days instead of 4-9 months) and can now file an I-485 application whenever she wants.

North America Immigration Law Group ( is pleased that our client obtained an EB-1A approval: it verifies our expertise in putting together strong petition packets to help our clients get one step closer to their green cards. Here are some of the key points that this client’s petition contained:

  1. Qualifications: Before approving an I-140 petition, the USCIS must first be convinced that the petitioner has made a significant impact in his or her field. In this case, we listed our client’s various achievements: her 18 publications, the 1220 citations to her work, and the 38 times she carried out peer reviews for 14 prominent scientific journals. We used these figures to highlight the impact that her investigations have on other researchers, namely that her findings significantly advance their work in the field of plant biology.
  2. Research Results: The many years that our client spent working in the field has honed her skills in researching the utilization of comparative, computational, and experimental genomic models to examine the underlying structural and functional genomic changes in various plant crops. We reviewed our client’s research projects to better understand their advantages to the nation, and demonstrated to the USCIS that they benefit the United States agricultural industry by improving agricultural yields and disease resistance in many nationally-relevant crops.
  3. Recommendations: One of the most important elements of our client’s EB-1A petition contained her five recommendation letters. These letters were obtained from experts in her field who were willing to attest to the value of her work. One of our client’s recommenders—a leading professor in the field—stated that her work has “… tremendous significance for research communities in the United States and abroad.” He also stated that “… [Client] approaches her research with inventive methodologies and her work has already proven instrumental in shaping research tendencies in the field. Her continued and active involvement in scientific investigation is critical to the sustained progression of our understanding of plant genome evolutionary biology. [Client’s] diligent production of cutting-edge research has granted her an indisputable position at the forefront of this field.”

We would like to congratulate our client for getting one step closer to permanent residency. We wish her well with her I-485 application (final step in green card proceedings) and look forward to receiving an update from her once the USCIS makes a decision on her application.



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