NIW Petition Approved in 4.5 Months for Associate Research Scientist from Nigeria in the Field of Ecology


Client’s Testimonial:

 “I am just writing to let you know that I have received the copy of my greencard I-140 approval. Many thanks for your help through this process. I will do my best to recommend you to people I know. Thanks.”

On March 17th, 2016, we received another EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) approval for an Associate Research Scientist in the Field of Ecology (Approval Notice).


General Field: Ecology

Position at the Time of Case Filing: Associate Research Scientist

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Service Center: Texas Service Center (TSC)

State of Residence at the Time of Filing: Texas

Approval Notice Date: March 17th, 2016

Processing Time: 4 months, 12 days


Case Summary:

With a Ph.D. in Population Dynamics and years of experience working in the field of ecology, our client had suitable qualifications to file the first part of the green card process (I-140 petition) under EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver). North America Immigration Law Group was tasked with putting together a strong NIW petition packet to convince the USCIS that our client deserved to get one step closer to permanent residency.

In preparing the NIW petition, we detailed the 189 citations amassed from our client’s 27 publications. We also demonstrated that only a scant handful of researchers with similar qualifications can mirror our client’s research accomplishments. Furthermore, we established that our client’s work on environmental resource management is very important to the United States, especially its pecan and timber industries, and also to the country’s overall water, food and energy production. We left little room for doubt that our client is a national asset, and that halting his work in the country would be detrimental to the nation.

Although we had enough information to present a strong case to the USCIS, we wanted to be sure that we presented an airtight one. Thus, we prompted our client to touch base with other influential experts in his field of ecology. We asked him to persuade these experts to furnish us with recommendation letters attesting to the value of his work to not just his peers, but to the United States as a whole. To our delight, our client returned with four signed letters, all of which firmly supported his EB-2 NIW petition. One of these letters stated that “It is patently obvious, considering the originality of his work and his background of achievement, that [Client] has a truly unsurpassed level of ability in ecological research.” Another recommender wrote, “Through his work aiding in the control of the most prominent pest in the pecan industry, [Client] has pushed the field of ecology forward into new arenas of progress. I have no doubt that his work will continue to have extraordinary impacts on ecology, making original contributions to the United States research community that ameliorate and improve industries across the board.”      

Nearly 4.5 months after we submitted the well-prepared EB-2 NIW petition packet to the USCIS on our client’s behalf, we received an approval notice. We are pleased that the combination of our client’s strong credentials and our diligent efforts paved the way for case approval. We join our client as he celebrates this momentous occasion, and we wish him well as he continues to progress his field of ecology.



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