NIW Petition Approved for Iranian Assistant Professor in North Carolina in the Field of Control Systems Engineering


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On March 11th, 2016, we received another EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) approval for an Assistant Professor in the Field of Control Systems Engineering (Approval Notice).


General Field: Control Systems Engineering

Position at the Time of Case Filing: Assistant Professor

Country of Origin: Iran

Service Center: Texas Service Center (TSC)

State of Residence at the Time of Filing: North Carolina

Approval Notice Date: March 11th, 2016

Processing Time: 8 months, 5 days

Case Summary:

A prominent assistant professor from Iran hired North America Immigration Law Group ( to help him attain a green card via EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver). As soon as an attorney-client relationship arose, we got to work building a strong NIW case for our client. Here are some of the most important things our petition focused on:

  1. Value of Work: Using Google Scholar and similar references, we established that our client’s work had earned 89 citations and that he had published half a dozen journal articles, 1 monograph, 1 book chapter, and numerous conference papers. We also noted the 17 times he conducted peer reviews for scientific journals and conferences. Not only did we demonstrate the value of our client’s research findings to other researchers in the field of control systems engineering, we also demonstrated the value of his work to the United States as a whole, particularly the country’s space exploration efforts, military, healthcare, and transportation technologies.
  2. Research Topics: We carefully reviewed and outlined our client’s development of control systems for use in autonomous vehicles. By understanding the core of our client’s research, we were able to argue its significance to the research community as well as to the United States. We also convinced the USCIS that only a handful of other researchers can attain such meritorious research results.
  3. Support from Peers: Third-party support played a crucial role in our presentation. We started off by helping our client narrow down a list of possible recommenders who could attest to the usefulness of his work. We then urged our client to contact these people—all of whom are experts in the field—and request for recommendation letters. Our client obtained five letters, one of which described his work as “… truly impressive.” Another recommender stated that “ […] [T]he ongoing nature of space exploration, environmental modeling, unmanned surveillance, and the heightened risks posed by climate change, international terrorism, and so forth, make [Client’s] work imperative to this country for many years to come.”

Our presentation of our client’s strong credentials and significance of his work to the United States persuaded the USCIS to approve his EB-2 NIW petition. We are extremely pleased at the outcome and would like to congratulate our client for overcoming such a significant hurdle. We now shift our attention towards the final step of the green card process. As our client chose to file I-485 applications for himself and his wife while his NIW petition was pending approval, we estimate that the USCIS should make a decision on their I-485s soon. Once those are approved, our client and his wife will become permanent residents. We join them as they await optimistic news.



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